Simple WhatsApp integration with popular CRMs...

The client receives a reply even if their sales rep is on vacation

If a sales rep is sick, on vacation, or leaves the company, you can transfer clients to another
employee in just a few clicks.

The sales reps’ chat history stays in the company

Don’t lose clients simply because an employee left and took all their chat history with them
on their personal phone. Now all dialogs will be saved in one place — CRM.

No one says "didn’t call much because of messaging"

You will know exactly how much, when, and with whom a sales rep corresponded. And the sales
rep will know that you know. There will be no more cop-outs.

Sales reps text in WhatsApp directly from CRM

  • A sales rep sees only their own chats, the leader sees everyone’s chat history
  • Contacts and deals for new clients are created automatically
  • Chat history is stored in CRM
  • Routine messages are sent automatically

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