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Dubai, UAE
Bright Way

About project

We specialize in dental implants – when other dentists give up hope and tell you that a tooth can’t be replaced, we believe. Our doctors are experts at rebuilding your smile with dental implants.


In Bright Way Dental Clinic, all types of dental problems were treated, and all types of patients were targeted using a marketing strategy of “We are the highest quality, we are the most experienced, we are the latest equipment, we do everything, and we are everything”.

After extensive brainstorming, we realized that our client, Dr. Hassan Al-Mahdi, specializes in dental implants and immediate implants, which was what we were looking for. We developed a process to attract only those patients in need of implants, instead of we are everything, we built our plan with we are only dental implant clinic, and the results were astonishing.

The lesson is: Different audiences have different needs, so you cannot address them all the same way.

It all starts with VAM’s brainstorming

All the clinics around me are jealous of my position and ask me what my secret is?! Even though the numbers started slowly, they have been improving steadily and now we are at a special place.

Since I received the ad campaigns from VAM last year, I have not modified or turned them off. They are still an investment, and every penny spent generates a new lead.

One of the things I liked about VAM was its brainstorming sessions designed to ensure that all staff understood the nature of the business and the terminology used.

Now I have an automated Patient Acquisition Process that requires no intervention from me.

Taking a look at Bright Way Dental Clinic’s advertising plan

Marketing to more than one segment of audience is fine, but it requires more segmentation and hard work, so if you have a small business with modest capital, don’t try to appeal to everyone.

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