Dema Abu Shab

Web Developer

Who is Dema Abu Shab ?

I’m Dema Web Developer in VAM Team My main task is the technical development of marketing campaigns for our clients … such as websites, marketing tools such as CRM and advertising platforms such as Google, Facebook, Snapchat and others. One of the biggest challenges that companies face when it comes to technical development of marketing and sales tools is the consistent logical connection with the logic of the marketing plan. The main goal for me as a developer is to reach the best design in terms of clarity and effectiveness so that it is commensurate with the type of service or product provided by the client, in order to reach an integrated and comfortable design for the user. This is achieved by selecting the appropriate tools and linking them to each other correctly, and by coordinating with the work team of content writers, designers and managers of communication platforms. There is no doubt that digital platforms, such as the website, database management systems, and even social media platforms, constitute a large part of the company’s identity and will be responsible for the success of the marketing plan or not… And it is my role to make sure that everything is built in the right way. We at VAM are keen to focus on the smallest details that enable you to present your services or products in an effective manner that attracts the attention of your customers and motivates them to interact and buy from your company.

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