We know how important it is to receive feedback, but when you are a company that thrives on customer satisfaction, the world needs to hear your story.

Case studies are detailed and long form pieces that highlight what you can do for clients and why they should hire you .

Youa examine some of the projects that you’ve done in order to help highlight how we can help you with yours.

For Testimonials, real clients appeared in front of the camera and talked about their stories and givetheir opinions about your brand, which is certainly more positive.

With VAM, we use this strategy more effectively because we direct recommendations and case studies to the right groups and segments, putting them in the right sales funnel and email sequence, along with helping our customers bring these recommendations, manage the dialogue, and ask the right questions. It is important to place these recommendations in the right place on your funnel, at the bottom just before the footer, and follow them with CTA button, to encourage the hesitant to take action.

Right Testimonials on right place with right copywriting increased conversions by around34percent.When you’re ready to get your sales funnel designed, optimized and launched, we can help you. Click hereto get a quote!