It is possible for a domino to knock down another piece 1.5X its size. Consider a long line of dominoes, each 1.5x larger than the last. To knock down a domino the height of the Eiffel Tower, 23 iterations starting from 1.5 inches would be required.

Adding value to your customers is your first domino in digital marketing today. Provide your customers with real value will build trust, loyalty and referability in your brand.

Adding value to your customers will build trust and establish you as an authority in your field. It’s also a great way to attract more leads, get more people following your company and build long lasting relationships with clients.

adds value to their lives > builds trust> gives you an authority in your field> attracts more Leads> build long lasting relationships> distinguish yourself from competitors> gain more conversions> Win The “Competition”

From the beginning, VAM Consulting recognized the significance of value-added marketing strategy, and it specialized in this field to become the Middle East industry leader. Even its name reflects its greatness, VAM stands for Value Added Marketing.

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