Abd Al-Rahman Bani Irshid

Graphic Designer

Who is Abd Al-Rahman Bani Irshid ?

I am Abdulrahman And I work as a Graphic Designer at VAM My primary job in the business is to design, develop and improve the brand identity of our clients on all platforms that will be used during the implementation of the marketing plan. Brand identity design means thinking of the company as a person with characteristics, specifications, values, and standards that differentiate it from others. Brand identity includes various digital and printed materials that will appear in front of the public, which highlights your brand and distinguishes you from your competitors and establishes your company’s presence in people’s minds, which in turn helps to achieve the goals of the marketing plan. I work on the designs according to the criteria specified by our clients, and I prepare the innovative designs professionally, and I make sure to schedule the required tasks in coordination with the project manager and commit to completing them according to the project’s time plan. Choosing VAM is a very wise decision, because we do not care about the appearance of your brand only, but we also link between good design and an effective marketing plan that will bring your company profits.

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