Huthayfa Nawafleh


Who is Huthayfa Nawafleh ?

My name is Huthayfah Nawafleh and I am the CEO and founder of VAM Consulting(Value added marketing) We look at our position in the market, me and my team working with me as follows. Every business owner trusts us. Every company that trusts us works with us. It asks us for service before it becomes a responsibility and we bear it honestly, but we also understand that this is an investment in us and this investment must come. With a return on the business owner, the work team, the work team means relentless, they will never give up, so that the marketing plan that we build is beneficial and returns a positive investment return on the client or the company that worked with us. Most of the companies we worked with, thank God, became friends, in fact all of them became friends of the owners of companies with us Because the relationship with us will be cordial, but at the same time also practical and professional, so that you feel that we have really turned on your work because in the end our success is one and this is the philosophy that we adopt in VAM

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