Mohammad Mousa

Video Editor

Who is Mohammad Mousa ?

I’m Mohamed Musa My job at VAM is editing and producing marketing videos based on the value-added methodology. I strive to harness all the possibilities and creative tools in the world of design to obtain videos that express our customers and enable them to show their best to the world. My passion in this world pushes me to provide the best… and always keen to harness my experience and university studies in the film and cinema industry to provide creative content that is consistent with the marketing plan. Through the cooperation between me and my colleagues in VAM, we always try to get every innovative and creative idea to create content worthy of our customers and their position, which makes the videos presented about them successful and effective videos.. And through communicating with our clients from the beginning of the project, I try in turn to understand what is going through their minds and work on translating that into videos. With great care that the production is free from any possible error or any details that may be understood by the public in an unclear manner. Each of our clients represents a special experience for me, and I can’t hide my enthusiasm for a new experience with you,,

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