Woroud Melhim

Project Manager

Who is Woroud Melhim ?

My name is Woroud I’m the project manager at VAM My main job in the team is to make sure that the work gets done according to the plan, schedule and budget. As a project manager, I am always keen to provide the environment and the tools necessary to complete the work.. And because we at FAM follow the scram methodology in project management, I meet every morning with the work team so that we review what has been done and what will be accomplished during the day, and make sure that all obstacles that may be standing are removed On the way to completion. All our customers’ comments and directions in any matter are communicated and ensure that they are implemented through me… I assure all our clients that they do not need to give us the note more than once… It will be implemented and avoid repetition. The feedback that we hear from our customers on an ongoing basis is that we are the only company that does not need follow-up from the customer…. Simply because we are always proactive in following up on our customers on an ongoing basis. I assure you that your choice of Fam is a successful investment

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