Ahmed Nawafleh

Marketing Film Maker

Who is Ahmed Nawafleh ?

I am Ahmed, a marketing film maker at VAM My work revolves around the technical preparation, photography and production of marketing videos for our clients Producing an effective marketing plan and implementing it correctly requires a lot of different pieces and various strategies such as videos, websites, web pages, database management software,,,, and many more. The secret of VAM’s success in implementing the companies’ marketing plans lies in the ability of our team to coordinate and keep the different pieces connected with each other, even if they seem disconnected at first glance. The best example of this is my work in the marketing video industry and its production, which goes beyond just the camera and production software, to be centered around achieving the ultimate goal of increasing sales to our customers. My work helps companies increase their sales by presenting their products and services in the form of videos that contain information that helps the target audience in solving their problems. Whether the place of execution and photography is in the VAM studio in Abu Dhabi or in Dubai, or even in the mobile studio that we install in our clients’ offices during filming, I am always ready with the best equipment and tools in photography, lighting and montage with the photography team in VAM. Choosing VAM ensures that you show the best of your services and products

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