Dr. Hamzah Ziad

Product Manager

Who is Dr. Hamzah Ziad ?

My name is Hamza and I am the Product Manager at VAM My main task in the work team is to determine the tasks that need to be carried out in order to obtain the great end result … which is to increase the sales of our customers on a continuous and systematic basis. By virtue of my job as a Product Manager, the Product Manager follows the customer throughout his entire journey with us, from brainstorming sessions and writing the marketing plan to launching the advertisement, following it up and improving it, and until the end of the work and handover of the project. I and the developer team in my department are also responsible for writing content, such as advertising Video scripts, articles, website content, sales pages, e-mails, and everything related to the marketing message. In short, letters and words, wherever they are and how they will appear, is our responsibility. Of course, we do not write the advertisement, and our role is over! No, we follow the performance of every advertisement, every video, and even every email that was written, and we read the results and analyze the numbers because the advertisement does not end once the campaign is launched, for example, on Facebook or Instagram, on the contrary, this is the beginning. Thank God, I am very happy with this work, especially after I see the joy and happiness of our customers when we achieve their full expectations and succeed in reaching the required category of people interested in their product or services.

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