Fatima Al Leboun

Customer Success Manager

Who is Fatima Al Leboun ?

my name is Fatima I am the Customer Success Manager at VAM My primary task in the work team is to ensure the success of marketing plans after implementing them for our clients. We, as a company and as a team, are committed to a moral commitment, before the contractual commitment, in front of our customers to raise their sales in a systematic and organized manner, so that it is measurable, improving and continuous development. Because of that, it is my role to meet with our customers on a weekly basis so that I know the feedback from them about the results of the marketing campaigns first. In addition to monitoring the interaction of the target audience with our clients’ campaigns on all advertising platforms, and providing important feedback to the client. And based on the feedback that we get from our customers during our periodic meetings, we transfer the full picture to the work team in VAM so that they can make the necessary arrangements and modifications to reach the best result that satisfies our customers. Choosing VAM, is the best investment you can make in marketing your company, because your success is very important to us.

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