Lama Awaqleh

Graphic Designer

Who is Lama Awaqleh ?

I’m lama, a graphic designer at VAM, I have the knack for turning abstract ideas into captivating visual stories. In VAM I handle a range of responsibilities that truly make every project a unique journey. My expertise lies in crafting distinct brand identities that leave a mark, developing marketing materials that catch the eye, and constructing user interfaces that marry aesthetics with functionality. Working closely with both clients and fellow team members, I find the perfect balance between innovative artistry and professional execution. It’s important to me that my designs don’t just look great, but also effectively convey their intended messages. In essence, I’m a dynamic graphic designer who thrives on converting ideas into visual wonders. My responsibilities span a broad spectrum of design projects, all of which I approach with a blend of precision, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to turning visions into reality.

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