Marah Mohammed

social media manager

Who is Marah Mohammed ?

I’m Marah social media manager at VAM My primary mission is to ensure that our customers’ social media pages always provide fresh and effective content. I perform the task of managing accounts by publishing various content of texts, images, and videos. Of course, I monitor and analyze the performance of accounts on different platforms to ensure that the content that my colleagues design and produce serves the primary purpose and ensures interaction from the target audience. And it can be said that I am considered an official representative of the brand for our customers, as I provide my team in VAM with everything that happens on the communication pages of our customers from comments, ideas and suggestions to improve the performance of the pages. It is worth noting that the KPIs that I work on are not only about collecting views and likes, but also the number of new customers that are acquired for our customers. I would like to assure you that your choice of VAM is the best because we seek to develop your business and increase the number of your customers on various levels, not only on social media platforms.

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