Mohmmad Nawafleh

Sales Manager

Who is Mohmmad Nawafleh ?

It is my responsibility as a sales manager to understand our clients’ business models before offering them marketing solutions. For our clients, I conduct research and study different marketing plans in order to help them achieve their sales goals. Because our clients’ business models, products, and services differ, I need to ensure that we can help them according to their needs. As a sales manager, I have many responsibilities. When I conduct research for our clients, I always ensure that the information is accurate and reliable. Also, I analyze the information and make recommendations accordingly. I keep myself updated on the latest marketing strategies and trends. I’m a good listener and have an open mind when conducting research. I’m familiar with the terminology used by marketers, as well as by our clients. It is imperative that I can communicate effectively with our clients and simplify technical jargon and marketing terms. This makes it easier for our clients to understand our plan and take better decisions.

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