Naseem Ziad

Systems Integration Assistant

Who is Naseem Ziad ?

I am Naseem Ziad, and I am proud to be the Systems Integration Assistant at VAM Consulting, where I have had the privilege of contributing to some of our most successful projects. My role involves a unique mix of technical expertise and a keen eye for detail, making me not just an assistant but a key player in our team. In the fast-paced world of system integrations, staying abreast of the latest trends and tools is no small feat, but it’s a challenge I embrace daily. I have mastered Bitrix24, a comprehensive business tool, but my job doesn’t stop at just knowing the software; it’s about understanding its potential and leveraging it to deliver the best solutions for our clients. From the initial system setups to fine-tuning integrations, I am the go-to person at VAM. My dedication is reflected in the seamless operations that power the daily functions of numerous businesses we have partnered with. However, it’s not just about the skills; I bring passion, dedication, and a client-first approach to every project I undertake. My expertise in Bitrix24, coupled with my natural ability to bridge system gaps, ensures that our projects not only meet but exceed client expectations. So, whenever you are impressed by the perfect synchrony of systems or admire the flawless integration in one of our projects, remember that I, Naseem Ziad, am the systems integration maestro at VAM Consulting. To all our clients and partners, thank you for placing your trust in me and in VAM. Here’s to more integrated and efficient solutions ahead!

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