Osama Shatat

business development manager

Who is Osama Shatat ?

my name is Osama I work as a business development manager at VAM. Although this job title is known in many companies as a beautiful name for a sales official, my only concern is to help our customers develop their business by understanding their needs and identifying marketing problems standing in their way…..then linking them with the appropriate marketing plan. Because of my technical background as a computer engineer, and as a specialist in business software solutions… I have the ability to analyze problems and identify technical errors in corporate marketing campaigns. And here is my role in helping the leaders of companies who contact us to solve their marketing problems and provide an appropriate plan for the nature of their work. When you contact me, you will be sure that I am able to convey the information in an easy and clear way and away from complexity .. because unfortunately there is a large gap in the language of dialogue between technicians and software experts .. and between other people … and this gap causes a problem in communicating and understanding information and it entails providing solutions False. Choosing VAM is a wise choice because we will understand you and will communicate the idea to you in a very clear way.

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