Qais AboDalo

Graphic Designer

Who is  Qais AboDalo ?

I’m Qais I work at VAM as a graphic designer. My main task in the work team is to produce creative designs for our clients to suit the objectives of the marketing plan that was prepared by the marketing experts in VAM. Always keen when we start any project to invest the client’s ideas and goals in designs and provide his service or product with clear and attractive designs to his target clients, My colleagues and I in the work team will be in constant and effective communication with the client so that we follow the workflow from the time of gathering ideas until we prepare the design in its final form before the launch and publication phase. I have a great and wide experience in various fields of design such as advertising design, commercial identity design, 3D design and others …. and around the clock I follow everything new in this world, which I consider to be a place to enjoy more than one place to work until I present to our customers in VAM everything that is new and creative . With the huge number of graphic designs that we see on social media, we lack the creative touch that always aims to attract the customer, build a meaningful relationship with him, and clearly convey the message. That’s why we at VAM are always keen to keep pace with the modern trends in this world in order to reach, with our work, goals that satisfy him.

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